Brand Integration


Does your production need to cover a production defecit or perhaps your series is well suited to increasing revenue through including brands in content.  If so, we can help.  Ladder Up Media has integrated brands into major productions on networks like: NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, Bravo, USA, and streamers like NETFLIX, Mailchimp Presents, and HBOMax.  Depending on your production we can help raise hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.



Is your brand looking to increase revenue through licensing IP?  Ladder Up Media has successfully negotiated brand licenses for major IP like The Biggest Loser.

Tradeouts & Prizing


Nearly any production can benefit from the reduced costs associated with free product in exchange for potential/organic exposure in show.  Ladder Up Media has the relationships with brands who specifically target product placement and prizing as marketing opportunities and can quickly bring in the right products for your production.  Plus, we're experts at finding content specific tradeouts and prizes saving production millions of dollars and increasing production values day after day.